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BASIC can be used universally and offers all the options of a modern workstation system.


The variable assembly workstation for optimum productivity.


For use in shipping and logistics.


The premium workstation system.


The premium workstation system.

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Compact. Versatile. Variable.

Shelves for the FIFO principle -
what is fed in first is also taken out first.

Containers move automatically from the loading side to the removal position via inclined shelves, optionally supplemented with dividers and roller rails. Material provision and value-adding assembly are separated from each other, mutual interference is avoided. Due to the Low-waste design of the workplace and a Reduction of picking routes results in a considerable time saving.

Make optimum and space-saving use of existing rooms.

Productivity is significantly increased according to the principles of lean production. Batches and production series can be optimally monitored, the risk of errors is reduced by Clear and compact material presentation reduced.

Material provision according to the FIFO principle. Tailor-made for the requirements of lean production. Sturdy steel construction with high load capacity. FIFO shelves can be attached at different heights, depths and inclinations. Dividers and roller rails can be added quickly and flexibly. Ideal dimensions for the use of clamshells and Euronorm containers. Modular construction system Fast conversion, maximum flexibility and a wide range of expansion options.

At KARL, of course:
One ESD-compliant design of the FIFO shelves according to IEC 61340-5-1.

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FIFO basic shelving

Optimum FIFO management: Efficient basic shelving for smooth material provision. ESD-compliant, stable and flexibly adaptable.


FIFO add-on rack

FIFO optimization: Stable add-on shelving for efficient material provision. Flexible, ESD-compliant and resilient. Perfect for an organized workflow.


FIFO return

Return for SINTRO table system and FIFO add-on shelving: 2 shelves with upstand on one side, one attached to the table frame and infinitely horizontally adjustable, the other attached to the FIFO add-on shelving.


FIFO-CAR with 2 vertical struts

Efficient, ESD-compliant, flexible. Stable with 2 vertical struts, ideal for organized material provision. Load capacity 200 kg.


FIFO-CAR with 4 vertical struts

Organized material provision: FIFO-CAR with 4 vertical struts. Stable, ESD-compliant, incl. base tray. Load capacity 200 kg. Efficiency in production.


FIFO rack for increased loads

Robust FIFO shelving for high loads. Steel construction, conductive powder-coated. Variable suspension of transfer shelves. Load capacity 1000 kg.


FIFO trays

Optimize your warehouse with the versatile FIFO shelf. Variable height, depth and inclination, with a rasterized plug-in system for individual adjustments. Perfect for gripper trays and Euronorm containers.